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Best Activities And Places In Dublin

As a new flagship destination for Erasmus+ stays, our team organises more and more group mobilities in the Irish capital. During its stays in Dublin, the Stud&Globe team has been able to discover, test and compare many activities that will liven up your future visit in the land of pubs and traditions.

Here is your ultimate Dublin guide, tested and approved by our team. Let's go!

1. Traditional district / Temple Bar and Old City 

The Temple Bar district is not only the most famous but also the most lively district of the city. It is in the heart of its historical streets that you will find the most famous pubs of the city. Even if it is now a tourist area, Temple Bar remains a district full of charm and traditions that will undoubtedly plunge you into the Irish spirit.

Some activities to do in the Temple Bar area:

  • Dublin Castle : a must to discover or rediscover Dublin's history - 8€ adults / 6€ students
  • Irish Rock & Roll Museum : an entertaining and enjoyable museum that will delight every music lover or not - 14,85€ adults / 13,05€ students
  • Discover the streets and shops of this traditional and historic district - Free

Cafés, pubs and restaurants:

The Temple Bar area is full of pubs and traditional restaurants. This area is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the Dublin atmosphere with live Irish music and dance sessions. Among the most famous pubs, you will be able to discover the famous bar that gave its name to the district: The Temple Bar.

2. North District / O’Connell Street, Smithfield village and Stonnybatter

Quartier Nord - Dublin - Stud&Globe

Dublin's northern neighbourhoods are often known as the least safe and poorest. It generally includes Stoneybatter, O'Connell and Smithfield Village. However, some parts of these areas are exceptions and you will be able to find activities to do there.

Some activities to do in these districts:

Cafés, pubs and restaurants :

3. Georgian district / Trinity college

Trinity College - Dublin Guide

Trinity College is THE Georgian district of Dublin. There you can find the famous campus of the Trinity College, Ireland's oldest university. Its buildings and studious atmosphere will make you feel in a world out of time.

Some things to do in the Trinity College district:

4. Business district / Silicon Docks 

Silicon Docks - Dublin Stud&Globe

For all fans of technology, you will be surprised by the ultra-modern face of the Irish capital. The Silicon Docks, in reference to San Francisco's Silicon Valley, is home to many of the headquarters of the biggest digital companies. Facebook, Google, Linkedin, many head offices are located in Dublin. Maybe you will one day have to go to this area for an interview.

5. Industrial district / The Liberties

The Liberties is the industrial district of Dublin. Built outside the walls of the old medieval city, The Liberties takes its name from its legal independence from the rest of the city. As you walk through the streets of this area, you can discover the world famous Guinness brewery. The Liberties is our team's favourite!

Some things to do in The Liberties:

  • Guinness Storehouse : Learn about the history and manufacturing process of the world famous Irish beer. Bonus: a nice bar overlooking the capital! - 19,50€
  • Francis Street : find Dublin's treasures in art and antique shops - Free
  • Cathédrale St Patrick : Visit the famous St Patrick Cathedral - 8€ adults / 7€ students

Cafés, pubs and restaurants :

6. Commercial district / Saint Stephen’s Green 

St Stephens Green - Stud&Globe

The Saint Stephen's Green district developed around the large park of the same name. Located in the south of the city, this district is the junction between the more affluent residential areas in the south of the city and the centre of Dublin.

Some things to do in Saint Stephen's Green:

Cafés, pubs and restaurants :

Some additional activities:

  • Prison Kilmainham Gaol : visit the museum of this former Dublin prison - 8€ adults / 4€ students
  • Phoenix Park : Observe the incredible flora and fauna in this large park close to Dublin city centre - Free
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