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First of all, in order to register for Spanish social security, you must have your NIE. If your internship is paid, your national insurance number is required to access the Spanish health system. You will need to have it before the start of your course.

1. Who can apply?

Any citizen, employee or self-employed person who does not have a national insurance number can apply.

2. What are the procedures to be followed?

Usually your host company will manage the process of obtaining your Spanish social security number.

The following documents will be required:

  • Passport and a photocopy
  • NIE and a photocopy
  • Your internship agreement or employment contract justifying your application.
  • The Modelo TA1 form which you can fill in on the spot with the reasons for your application, or in advance by downloading it.

How to fill in the Modelo TA.1?

Where can you apply?

In person: the requested documentation must be presented to the General Social Security Treasury or to the administration of the citizen's or company's domicile, as appropriate.
By Internet: Access, with a digital certificate, to the electronic headquarters service, "Assignment of the national insurance number".

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