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Find the international internship of your dreams!
Select your field, choose the ideal destination and discover all the internship offers corresponding to your expectations.

Find your internship abroad


Stage Londres Stud&Globe

£500 / month + £200 bonusflexible • 3 to 6 months

Stage Mexique Playa del Carmen Stud&Globe

flexible • 4 to 6 months accommodation • meal • transport

flexible • 3 months 380€ / month + 120€accommodation • meal

Stage à Berlin Stud&Globe

flexible • 3 to 6 months accommodation • meal


After passing the interview with the company, you only have to prepare your departure abroad. Stud&Globe take care of your internship agreement et give you a welcome guide containing practical information related to your internship (city, transport, contacts within the company)


Stud&Globe plays an important support part and remain at your disposal if needed. If the company doesn’t respect the contract terms or if the missions are not in accord with your school agreement, Stud&Globe can react vis-à-vis to its partner companies.We publish weekly on our blog in order to give a maximum of advices and tricks about the internships abroad. Before, during or after your internship, don’t hesitate to consult it to find tips on recruitment, Spain or the student life. We might have the opportunity to meet you during your internship if you do it in Barcelona. We are close to our partner companies and yourself to propose you internships in quality internships.


To ensure that your working conditions were conforms with what was agreed and the monitoring was satisfying, we will send you a satisfaction survey. It’s a mean for us to know which points to improve in our service. For us, it’ll help us to know if we have to improve our recruitment website, the quality of ours internship offers, our partnerships or our monitoring

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Why should you do an internship abroad ?

Do an internship abroad is a real asset for your school and professional curriculum. Work in a company abroad allows to a student, not only to practice and improve his languages skills but also to have a cultural enrichment. The work methods, the management, the market targets are not the same and allow the one having the opportunity to do an internship abroad to take a step back on their work and improve it. Companies always value this kind of experiences because they allow globally to enrich the company culture

The internship offers at Stud&Globe

Stud&Globe is a company and specialized website in the interns recruitment wishing to do an internship abroad. We propose internships in many destinations : Spain, France, England, Greece, Irlande or even Mexico. Of theses countries, a lot of cities attract each year more and more students looking for doing their internship in a good living environment. The city of Barcelona, London or Dublin are perfect examples. Other students would rather draw near a more holiday-ish framework by doing their internship in Cancún, Mallorca or even Ibiza !

Apply to an offer abroad with Stud&Globe

You’re reading through our internship offers and one of them is interesting for you ? You can subscribe directly to our website by sending your resume and your contact informations so we can contact you again. Regarding the offers, you can write down the reference to communicate it to us and so we can see if your profile suit to the vacancy

Find an internship abroad Stud&Globe

Stud&Globe accompany you since your subscription on the website. Once you’ve registered, our team will contact you to planify an interview with you to have an overview about your research of an internship abroad. Then, we will propose internship offers matching with your profile and then put you in contact with the chosen company. You can find our guide to do an internship in Spain to have all the informations about the subject and also, about Spain as it’s an appreciated destination for the students.

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