Go in volunteering abroad



Experts in international mobility’s set up

What is the international volunteering work ?

Whit   Stud&Globe, volunteering abroad is :

A world discovery and an immersion in the heart of new cultures during several weeks

Sharing moments with international populations

Motivated, generous and passionate people, ready to give their time free of charge or with a compensation of the welcoming structure.

An international experience and human adventure, cosmopolite and unforgettable

Why doing volunteering abroad ?


Become a full-fledge actor of the society and environment you integrate

Give your time for an impacting project


Dare knowing new people

Grow humanly

Give meaning to your trip


Plunge into the cultural richness of a new environment

Get off the beaten tracks

Why go with Stud&Globe ?

Our service

A large range of missions

Selection interview

Personalized monitoring

International project carefully selected

Accessible fare

Monitoring during the volunteering mission

Becoming a volunteer and fly away in 4 steps

in 4 steps!

Contact a consultant

Proposition of a project

Validation of the project

Project launch

Contact a consultant, have an interview

and define your project !

Proposition of a project

answering your criterias

Validation of the project and sending

the welcome guide and pre-departure pitch

Fly to the adventure

of your life!

Our different kind of mission :

Give classes to children

Construction sites

General help in hostels

Working on a farm

Our destination :