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Scholarships And Financial Aid 2022

Thanks to their years of experience and their permanent contact with French students, Stud&Globe's international mobility experts know only too well the importance of financial issues when you want to do an internship abroad. For some, this is even a brake and a source of demotivation to the idea of acquiring an international experience during your studies.

To help you make your project a reality, we have prepared an article summarising the financial aid you can receive in 2022 for an internship abroad.

The Erasmus+ grant for all students

The European Commission's Erasmus+ programme allocates funds each year to finance European mobility in the context of higher education placements. Indeed, each student enrolled in one of the higher education institutions of the countries participating in the programme, who wishes to carry out a placement in another country of the programme, can benefit from a mobility grant.

A small detail (and not the least) that too many of you are still unaware of: the Erasmus+ grant is not subject to any evaluation based on social criteria. It can also be combined with the CROUS grant during your entire placement period.

The amount of an Erasmus + grant for an internship :

350-450 per month in countries where life is more expensive: Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Liechtenstein.

Between 300 and 400 euros per month in countries where life is cheaper: Turkey, Northern Macedonia or Serbia

To receive this grant, the duration of your internship abroad must be a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 12 months.

 For more information on your rights and obligations regarding your internship project abroad, the European Commission has set up the Erasmus+ Student Charter.

Finally, we advise you to contact the International Relations Department of your institution in order to know the amount and the terms of the allocation of this Erasmus+ grant for your placement abroad.

The AMI grant: Aide à la Mobilité Internationale

Cumulative with the Erasmus+ grant, the International Mobility Grant, also known as AMI, is awarded to students who have already received a CROUS grant and who meet the following conditions

  • Your supported stay abroad lasts between 2 and 9 consecutive months. (Please note: you cannot receive this grant for more than 9 months during your entire higher education course).
  • You are a higher education grant holder on social criteria or beneficiary of an annual allowance (specific aid scheme)
  • You are preparing a national diploma under the jurisdiction of the ministry responsible for higher education
  • You are under agreement with a public higher education institution and/or one that has initiated a contractualisation process with the State
  • Your work placement abroad is part of your course of study

To sum up, if you are receiving a grant from the CROUS of your academy, you will continue to receive it during your placement abroad. In addition to this monthly financial aid, you will receive the AMI grant and the Erasmus+ grant.

International mobility grants provided by your region

Some regions in France also allocate funds for the mobility of their young students. Each region has unilateral competence in this area, which means that the conditions for the allocation of this grant depend on the region.

Stud&Globe has listed the regions offering a mobility grant:

Auvergne Rhône-Alpes
Ile de France
Région Sud
Nouvelle Aquitaine
Pays de la Loire
Centre - Val de Loire 
Bourgogne Franche Comte 
Hauts de France

Scholarships set up by foreign organisations

FULBRIGHT SCHOLARSHIP : Aimed somewhat at "the cream of the crop", as they say in Uncle Sam, the Fulbright scholarship is exclusively awarded to students who wish to study or do academic research in the United States. The number of scholarships awarded is quite limited, making it an exclusive scholarship for students with an exemplary academic record. If you are curious, you can always find out more about this student programme.

  • British Council Scholarship: This is for students wishing to go to the UK, who wish to study for a year and have a Baccalaureate +3.

Thanks to these financial support possibilities, your international mobility is finally within reach. All you have to do is find the ideal internship offer. Our teams are at your disposal to help you in your search: contact us now!

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