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What services are offered by Stud&Globe?

Stud&Globe is an intermediary between companies and students. We take care to guide and advise students to chose the best internship, we help them before the interview with the company, and we manage the administrative procedures.

What kind of internships are proposed by Stud&Globe?

Stud&Globe offers to students internships as well as luxury hotels in all areas. Internships of "discovery" or specialization, we adapt to any type of profile.

I have no experience and my language level is intermediate. Will you provide training?

We have "operational and linguistic" internships  ideally suited to students first and second year eager to get a first experience in international business in order to improve their language levels.

How do I apply for an internship?

Simply register on our website, quoting the reference of the internship offers that interest you. A referent will contact you shortly to guide you.

How long is the selection process?

The recruitment process takes between 1-2 weeks (unless otherwise stated).

When should I apply to internship offers?

We have internship opportunities available throughout the year. However, we recommend that you submit your application 2-3 months before.

How do the company and Stud&Globe conduct the interviews?

All interviews are done remotely. By Skype or phone as needed by the company.

If an internship offer interests me, how can I contact the company?

Once you have applied for one of an internship, a referral will get in touch with you to give you all the information about our services and present you an offer fitting with your profile and search.

If you confirm your interest in the internship and for our services, then we will give you all the information about the company so you can prepare for your interview in the best conditions.

If the company does not accept me, do I have to pay any fee to Stud&Globe?

If the company does not accept your application, you have no fees to pay and we will ensure to offer you a new internship.

Does Stud&Globe offers support for the housing search?

Stud&Globe will help in your search for accommodation by giving you the tools, tips and links. Be aware that many of our partners offer free accommodation, especially in hotels.

Internships are all paid?

Internships in Europe are all paid. In Mexico hotels offer accommodation and meals.

What is a training agreement?

A training agreement is the equivalent of the employment contract for an internship. It is signed by the student, the company and the training center who is the supplier. It should define the conditions of the training, duration, compensation, social security intern, etc.

Is it necessary to have a training agreement?

Yes! All our courses are contracted.

What documents are required to complete an internship in Spain or Greece?

For an internship in Europe, nothing could be simpler! You will need a training agreement and an insurance covering the entire period of internship. For an internship in Spain will require upon arrival obtain the NIE (foreigner identification number). We will help you to manage this document!

Is it necessary to get a visa for an internship in Mexico?

For an internship in Mexico VISA is not required as the internship is unpaid and does not exceed 180 days.

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