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Become a host family
With Stud&Globe

Join the Stud&Globe network, become a host family
and welcome international students.

Why be part of the Stud&Globe host family network?
Stud&Globe is a company located in Barcelona. For 10 years, we have been coordinating placements for students coming to do an internship as part of the Erasmus+ programme. In close collaboration with the education facilities, our service consists of finding internship companies for the participants, organising transport, setting up a schedule of activities, but also providing them with immersive accommodation—with a host family.
Being a host family partner of Stud&Globe means having direct contact with the organisers and receiving keen and enthusiastic students.
Would you like to become a host family? Or just get more information? Fill out this form and have a chat with our team.




The family will have to meet the students on the arrival date at a meeting point specified in advance.


Accompany and facilitate mobility and easy movement of students during the first day of their internship.


Our offering only includes unisex and private rooms, i.e. not shared with a family member.


MEALS Offer and share varied meal options and encourage social activities and exchanges.

The commitment of the families towards the participants.
Being a host family partner of Stud&Globe goes beyond simply renting a room to a student.

Each family signs a collaboration contract with our agency in which they undertake to:


Pick up student(s) when the group arrives at a meeting point agreed upon with our agency

Accompany their student(s) on the first day of the internship in order to familiarise them with routes and transport options

Prepare meals for the students

Notify our agency when behavioural problems occur and/or non-compliance with the pre- established curfew with the education facility

Help students with daily tasks as much as possible: doctor's appointments, advice on transport options, tourist visits, etc.


We also require students to sign a document of good conduct containing the rules to be respected within the family. We also require students to sign a document of good conduct containing the rules to be respected within the family. A 24/7 emergency number is also available throughout your stay.

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