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An internship in France?

France is one of the first countries in the world attracting foreign students. The French language, the level and quality of the training coupled with the reputation of its luxury hotels and companies, are the main reasons driving students to come and realize an internship.

Indeed, what is better than an internship in a country that is one of the world leaders in the sector of luxury, elegance and fine dining? France is, after all, the foremost tourist destination in the world. The diversity of the landscape, the richness of it's historic, cultural and artistic heritage makes each region unique.

Are you studying tourism and wishing to specialize in the luxury hotel industry or carryout an internship in an international company? Are you a foreign student wishing to maximize a linguistic internship to perfect your French and English in Paris, the French Riviera or even Mont St Michel? Stud&Globe offers, all year round, internships within the luxury hotel industry in the most sought-out regions of France.

For an internship in France, nothing is simpler! You will need a university agreement in French, as well as a valid passport / identity card. For non-European students, a visa is required.

Register on our website and one of our consultants will contact you shortly to guide and advise you throughout the process. You can also consult our Blog for information on how to prepare for your interview and trip.

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