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Stud&Globe answers your questions regarding internships through this Frequent Asked Questions

Which are Stud&Globe services?

Which are Stud&Globe services?

Our consultant team offer you:

  • a first phone meeting to understand and evaluate your recruitment needs in order to give you advises and answer your questions
  • the management of all the selection process from the publication of your internships until the presentation of the adequate candidate
  • the administrative management: training agreement, NIE, etc.
  • advices regarding , laws which regulate internship, redaction of offers, etc.
  • the aim is to save time in the recruitment process and to get information and advice from professionals of this sector.

Is there a cost for Stud&Globe services?

Our service is cost free and we ask companies to propose interesting internships over good conditions/compensation.

Our philosophy is to allow the students to be happy in his internship and company to win during the collaboration.

What is the process?

With a team of recruitment experts as well as collaborations with many European training centers, Stud&Globe accompanies you in your recruitment of interns. Click on this link to visualise the process.

What kind of profile we manage?

Our consultants collaborate with schools and universities in France, Germany and Spain with students studying the following subjects: business, tourism or hotel management, languages, management, marketing and communication.

Our mission is to fulfil the companies needs with the goal to present them the most suitable candidate.

I already collaborate with universities, what is the added value of Stud&Globe?

Our team of consultants is in contact with more than one hundred universities around France, Germany and Spain. We manage your recruiting process with the goal to find the ideal candidate chosen by the evaluation of his CV and tests concerning his levels of language and  motivation.

The chosen candidate fulfills your needs concerning his training, his level of languages and availabilities.

Should I sign a contract with Stud&Globe?

We sign an agreement with the companies we are collaborating with to present the commitments of each part. This document is a quality charter of our services.

How to post an offer?

In order to post an internship offer, click on this link or send your offers with as many details as possible to

Why recruiting an intern?

Welcoming an intern could bring new ideas and techniques within your company.

A good experience in internship could improve your internal and external reputation and galvanise the working surrounding.

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