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An internship in Greece?

Greece is the cradle of modern times due to it's historic and prestigious past, allowing you to travel through time. If you wish to discover breathtaking scenery, enjoy the festivities and Greek traditions, then apply for an internship in this country!

Stud&Globe offers you internships in the luxury hotel industry in the Greek Islands (Crete, Santorin…). This internship will allow you to practice your English and other European languages (German, Italian, Russian) due to the daily contact with international clientele.

In order to complete an internship in Greece, nothing could be easier! You will need a university agreement in English and a valid passport / identity card. For non-European students, a visa is needed.

Register on our website and one of our consultants will contact you shortly to guide and advise you throughout the process. 

You can also consult our Blog in order to find out more regarding the administrative steps needed for this destination and to prepare for your interview.

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