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You want to organise an Erasmus+ mobility for the school year 2021/2022 and you have some questions regarding the health situation? Do not hesitate to consult our new FAQ for all questions concerning your mobility!

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Will the health crisis impact on projects this year? Will our students be able to go?

Yes, it is possible to organise a European mobility this year.

Stud&Globe's main objective is to accompany you before and during your mobility. We will therefore inform you of the news and measures put in place in each country before your arrival so that you can leave in the best conditions and that the students can fully benefit from their stay.

What destinations do you propose this year for the Erasmus + stays?

Based in Barcelona, our Stud&Globe team offers you Erasmus+ mobility throughout Europe: Spain, Malta, Germany, Ireland, Greece...

Are host families still willing to accept students despite the current health situation?

Yes, our families are available to receive your students -

In order to ensure quality accommodation for the participants, the Stud&Globe team has set up its own network of host families in Spain, Ireland and Malta to ensure that the students have reliable and safe accommodation. All accommodation is visited and families sign a collaboration contract with our team in order to fully understand the responsibilities entrusted to them.

All our partner families carefully follow the country's health protocols.  In the event of illness, they will be responsible for accompanying their student to the doctor and keeping our team informed through our 24/7 emergency number.

Is it compulsory to be vaccinated to travel?

Health policy changes depending on the destination. Full vaccination is not mandatory for the vast majority of EU countries. However, some countries, such as Malta, maintain a firm policy of control and therefore require a full vaccination schedule. To find out about the policies of each country, please consult this article.

Group mobility has been suspended because of the Covid, what is Stud&Globe's cancellation policy?

In case of total cancellation of mobility due to travel restrictions resulting directly from a declaration by the French government or the host country (confinement, border closure at departure or destination, compulsory quarantine on arrival for example).

Stud&Globe undertakes to reimburse at least 75% of the costs linked to the logistics of the trip (transport, accommodation, activities, etc.).

The management costs will not be reimbursed but we will offer you a credit note allowing you to reorganise the mobility at a later date without additional costs. (This mobility must be organised in the same year)

If one of the students tests positive before leaving, what happens?

If a student tests positive for covid 19 before leaving, he/she will not be able to carry out his/her mobility. This is why we advise you to take out our travel safe/multi-risk insurance, which reimburses at least 75% of the costs related to the logistics of the trip (transport, accommodation, activities, etc.). The management costs incurred are not refundable.

If a student becomes infected on site and cannot return to France, what happens?

  • With insurance, the infected student is taken care of for 12 days (80€ / day). He/she can stay in a home or a hotel during his/her confinement.
  • Without insurance, the student will have to be taken care of by the parents or the school. He/she can stay in a homestay or a hotel during his/her confinement.

Do you have any further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us at

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