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Stud&Globe's plus: our own network of host families.

Our host families are available to Erasmus+ groups, but also to students who wish to immerse themselves in a foreign country. Our team has an extensive network of partner families throughout Europe. Each family has been selected by a member of our team in order to check the qualityof the accommodation offered and to ensure the safety of each participant during the mobility.

Prioritise the host family as an accommodation solution for your students in the framework of your Erasmus + European mobility

Why host your students in host family?

  • Focus on Total Immersion: One of the objectives of Erasmus + projects is of course to improve students' language skills. Thanks to this accommodation, students will have the opportunity to practice their English or Spanish during the course as well as with their families during shared moments such as meals.
  • Cultural immersion: What better way to learn and share the culture of a country than to stay with a local?
  • More security and support: In each family, a member will be designated as the person responsible for the student they are hosting. It undertakes to provide support and assistance throughout the stay.
  • Each family will have access to our 24/7 emergency number and will inform us if there are any problems.


  • Spain | Barcelona - Madrid - Sevilla
  • Ireland | Dublin - Cork
  • Malta | La Valette


Each student will be placed as close as possible to their work or study location.


The rooms will be made up of 2 to 4 students, grouped as best as possible according to everybody's interests and personalities.


When composing the groups, boys and girls cannot be mixed.


All our families offer the possibility of half board or full board.


Teachers will also have the opportunity to stay in a private room with a host family.

The commitment of the families towards the participants.

Being a Stud&Globe partner host family goes beyond simply renting a room to a student.

Chaque famille signe un contrat de collaboration avec notre agence dans lequel elle s'engage à :

-Pick up your student(s) at a meeting point established with our agency upon arrival of the group

-Accompany his/her student(s) on the first day of the placement to teach them the way by transport or on foot

-Preparing and sharing meals with students

-Notify our agency in case of behavioural problems and/or non-compliance with the curfew previously established with the school.

-To help students in their daily life as much as possible: accompanying them to the doctor, instructions on how to get around, tourist visits, etc.

We also require students to sign a document of good conduct containing the rules to be respected within the family. A 24/7 emergency number is also available throughout your stay.

Why be part of the Stud&Globe host family network?

For 10 years, we have been coordinating placements for students coming to do an internship as part of the Erasmus+ programme. In close collaboration with the schools, our service consists of finding host companies for the participants, organising transport, setting up a schedule of activities, as well as providing them with immersive accommodation with a host family.

Being a host family partner of Stud&Globe means having direct contact with the organisers and receiving keen and enthusiastic students.

Would you like to become a host family? Or just get more information? Fill in our form and contact our team.

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