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Préparer Son Entretien De Stage à L'international - Stud&Globe

Dear students, the job interview process is always a stressful experience. Stud&Globe offers you below some useful tips to prepare yourself and increase your chances of success:

1. How to get to the location of the interview 

This issue may seem trivial but how often have you poorly prepared your route and arrived stressed to an appointment?

To prevent any tensions, prepare in advance so as not to arrive late ... Smartphones and Google Map, etc. can guide you with your eyes closed! If you still have an unexpected situation (delayed train, etc.) remember to contact your recruiter to advise them of your delay.

2. Knowing your interviewer 

Recruiters appreciate when the candidate shows a minimum of interest in them. To do this, you just need to know their name, it may seem obvious, but it often happens that candidates arrive to an interview without remembering the identity of the interviewer.

Stud&Globe also recommends that you consult Linkedin, Viadeo or other social networks to learn about their professional background and the position they hold.

3. The interview

Start by being cheerful, polite and shake hands (if they offer…) More than likely they will explain how the interview will take place in order to give you some guidance.

Explaining your CV 

It is imperative to master your CV! As a recruiter, a candidate with 6 months experience who cannot remember dates and tasks is unacceptable. It is for you to work your CV, remember the details and your experiences.
Furthermore, it is important to know the improvements you can make professionally because it shows some ability to step back and question yourself. To standout from other candidates, ensure that you know how to answer the following question: "What can you bring to the business? ¨ Avoid trite answers like "my energy", "my sense of organization." Put more emphasis on your technical skills, your experience and knowledge related to the internship.

Ability to explain your career plan

It is obvious that the interviewer will ask the famous question, "What is your career plan? ". Avoid hesitating. Even if you do not have a clear idea, a constructed response shows that you are able to project yourself. In addition, you can link your career objectives with the subject of the internship, demonstrating how the experience can enable you to advance with your plan.

Language Test 

If the placement is abroad, expect a language test which is often based on the following points: explanation of an experience, your motivations, hobbies, etc

Understanding the internship and the company

The best advice Global&talent can give you is for you to understand the features and responsibilities of your internship. Be able to explain this to your interviewer without reading it word for word.

Knowing more about the host company than what is described in the internship offer will give you extra points! Learn more through their website on the following: activity, sector, projects, locations, values and mission etc..

4. Extra tips 

Be well presented

The first impression is very important, it is therefore imperative to have a proper presentation for an interview: Avoid jeans, T-shirts, short skirts, piercing, etc.

Be clear

Be clear and concise in your answers by giving the recruiter sufficient information.
Prepare a list of questions you want to ask the recruiter, it just shows that you have prepared your interview.
Be dynamic, smile, be polite and on time...

                                   With all these tips, we hope you will become a professional interviewee, so good luck!

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