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Préparer Son Entretien De Stage à L'international Avec Stud&Globe

Review your expectations and goals 

An internship abroad is an experience not to be taken lightly because it allows you to set a foot in the professional world and put into practice your theoretical knowledge.
To do this, find an internship that matches your goals and expectations and above all that it can be a door opener for your first job.
Do not wait until the last minute to find an internship; it is essential to take a minimum of 3 months! The more you search, the easier you will be able to choose what corresponds to you best.

Learn about the host company 

Once you have been accepted for an internship, visit their web page to learn more about their products / services and their organogram, in order to have a clearer idea of the people with whom you will work.

Adapt to the corporate culture 

In order to quickly and easily integrate in your host company, follow the corporate codes, hours, etc. Do not hesitate to accompany your colleagues to the canteen, this is the best place to build relationships and integrate rapidly!

Make yourself known within the company 

The best way to create a good reputation within the company is to be involved, be proactive and be enthusiastic. Therefore, propose ideas whilst remaining humble and modest.

Do not hesitate to ask your tutor or your colleagues to assign you tasks. Also, consider regular wrap-up´s with your tutor to add value to the company, which has trusted in you.

Concluding your internship and remaining in touch 

More than likely, you will have written a report during your internship, do not hesitate to send it to your tutor so that he can give you his opinion. This will allow him too to keep track of your work, your thoughts, etc.
Maximise your time with your tutor during the assessment of your internship. This will allow him to possibly consider you for any future recruitment needs.
Finally keep in touch through Linkedin, Viadeo or simply by e-mail!

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