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Préparer Son Entretien De Stage à L'international - Stud&Globe

The purpose of a telephone or Skype interview for an internship abroad is for the recruiter to confirm the good first impression he/she got from your CV and to know more about your profile. It is also used when a face-to-face interview is not possible due to the distance.

Here are some tips Stud&Globe offers you in order to successfully complete this form of recruitment process.

Prepare in advance

  • Think about the questions that may be asked and prepare your answers
  • Have your CV at hand and the description of the internship
  • Explain your CV and briefly summarize your work experience. Highlight the points that are important to you (no need to make a comprehensive statement as the recruiter has a copy of your CV). Focus on your experience thus highlighting relevant skills for the position
  • Explain your interest in the internship and the company
  • Explain your career plan

Keep calm and be available!

In order to be focused throughout your interview we recommend that you be in a quiet space. Think about being 100% available without any disruptions. In summary, be sure to:

  • be clear and succinct
  • be courteous
  • be smiling (even when on the phone)
  • be well presented (for Skype interviews)
  • pay attention to your body language (for Skype interviews)
  • listen to the interviewer and do not interrupt
  • take notes
  • ask some questions at the end of the interview if some items are not clear
  • ask what is the next step of the selection process
  • thank your interviewer for their time.
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