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Culturereflects deeply held perceptions, beliefs and values that influence the way of life and worldview. Students who experience a new culture are more likely to be open to the world. However, this experience is hampered by the current student precariousness. We therefore propose 4 affordable destinations for your international mobility without breaking the bank.

You can study or do an internship abroad and still take care of your portfolio. We therefore propose 4 affordable destinations for your international mobility.


Poland stands out as one of the most attractive countries in Eastern Europe because it offers a rich historical and cultural experience, as well as providing high quality education or training. Warsaw has a very good reputation for mobility. Over 50% of Poles speak English, which makes life in Poland particularly accessible to foreigners.


Student life in Poland is very pleasant. The nightlife and activities in the city allow students to make the most of their mobility. In Poland, foreign students are mostly placed in university accommodation. However, you can find cheap private flats or international student flatshares.

You can get by for less than 600€/month. This average price includes rent, transport and food.


Mexico is the most visited country in Latin America in recent years. It offers many activities as well as an extremely rich culture. This combination attracts many international students due to the relatively low cost of living.

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Many universities as well as companies open the door to students in order to give them a good quality training. The cost of living is relatively low. Including rent, food and transport, it will cost you about €600 per month.


Lithuania is a lesser-known European country, however, this small country welcomes almost 3,000 international students each year. Lithuania has a rich heritage and a vibrant modern culture.

The country has some large cities that are perfect for students. Examples include Vilnius and Kaunas.

Lithuanians are known for their welcoming and friendly attitude. Many of them are also bilingual, which facilitates exchanges with international students.

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As far as accommodation is concerned, you have 2 possibilities:

  • Staying in auniversity dormitory


  • In shared or private accommodation.

( Most universities or companies help students to find very affordable accommodation. ).

The overall average cost of living is approximately €300 to €500 per month.


Students can experience a lively cultural life in Hungary. The capital, Budapest, is home to most ofHungary's major universities, which offer manyprogrammes in English as well as internships for international students.

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Student life in Hungary is very affordable. Taking into account accommodation, food and transport, you can get by on less than 600€/month in Budapest and less than 500€/month in less popular cities.

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