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Transports à Barcelone?

Transport guide in Barcelona, how to move?

You have just arrived to Barcelona to make an international internship or to study thanks to Erasmus program ?

Thanks to Stud&Globe advice and information, you can travel with peace of mind! In this article, our team gives you good tips to move in Barcelona : bike, bus, tram and subway in Barcelona as well as Segway, Gocars and cable cars.


Daily, 11 lines cross each others ways underneath Barcelona.


  • From Monday to Thursday from 5am to midnight
  • On Friday from 5am to 2am
  • On Saturday from 5am to Sunday continuously
  • On Sunday from 12am to 12pm

Special schedules

  • Holidays : from 5am to midnight.
  • The days before of holidays : from 5pm to 2am
  • December 31st, June 23rd, August 14th and September 24th : from 5pm then all night continuously
  • December 24th : from 5pm to 11pm


  • T1 : 1 travel for 2.15€
  • T10 : 10 travels for 9.95€
  • T50/30 : 50 travels during 30 days : 42.50€
  • T70/30 : 70 travels during 30 days : 59.50€
  • T Dia : unlimited travels during one day : 7.60€
  • T Mes : unlimited travels during one month : 52.75€
  • T-Trimestre : unlimited travels during a quarter : 142€
  • T-Jove (less than 25 years) : unlimited travels during a quarter : 105€
  • Hola BCN 2 dies : unlimited travels during 2 days : 14€
  • Hola BCN 3 dies : unlimited travels during 3 days : 20.50€
  • Hola BCN 4 dies : unlimited travels during 4 days : 26.50€
  • Hola BCN 5 dies : unlimited travels during 5 days : 32€

Subway map

Consult the subway map of Barcelona and the official website of the TMB to know more about it !



Generally buses operate from 6am to 10pm. The waiting time is from 5 to 10 minutes during the rush hours and from 10 to 20 minutes the rest of the day.

Night bus

This night bus (NitBus) runs between 10pm and 6am. The price is the same as day buses and the depart is from Plaça Catalunya. The night bus lines name always begins with the letter N.

TMB application

Download it, It is available on Android and on IPhone! It allows you to geotag yourself to help you to find the closest stops, the bus lines nearby and give you their schedules.


The price is the same as Barcelona subway.

Plan of bus

Take a look at the bus map of Barcelona and  TMB website to know more about it !


The tram in Barcelona is a good transport mean if you want to go to districts without subway connection. The ticket price is the same than those of the bus and Barcelona subway.


Barcelona has a large number of bicycle paths allowing you to move in a simple and pleasant way in the city. However, if you don't have a bike, you can rent it from 6€ for 2 hours. Here are some rentals :

  • Green Bikess Barcelona in the Gotico district: C C/Escudellers, 48 Barcelona.
  • Bornbike in the Barceloneta district  : C C/Marquesa, 1 Barcelona.
  • Budgets Bikes in the Ribera district  : C C/Estruc, 38 Barcelona.


Bicing is the service of municipal transport reserved for the Barcelona residents, thus, it is compulsory to have an NIE to rent it. How to get a NIE ?

The subscription cost is 47.16€/year and gives you the right to an unlimited number of trips of less than 30 minutes. Every additional half hour is charged 0.74€. Then, if the bike is not returned after two hours, the price increases to 4.49€. Finally, if you don’t return the bike before 24 hours, you will be charged around 150€. To register, please consult the page of Bicing !


For a moment of relaxation and discovery, Stud&Globe, invites you to rent a Segway to visit the city. It is possible to rent all year from 59€ for 2 hours. Offices : Nou de la Rambla 38, Raval. Subway : Liceu (L3).


GoCars rental prices

  • 1 hour rent costs 39€ by vehicle (2 people)
  • The special routes take between 2h and 2h30 and the price is 78€ by vehicle
  • The rent always includes petrol, helmets, an audio guide in French, a GPS and an insurance
  • You will have to pay a pledge of 300€

Conditions and restrictions

  • The driver should have a valid driving licence in Spain (the french licences are generally valid)
  • The driver must be at least 21-years-old
  • Children aged 7 or less, or measuring less than 1m35 cannot be on board
  • You can not go out of Barcelona City area
  • Address : Passeig Pujades 7, 08018 Barcelona


In Barcelona, it’s a fast, comfortable and inexpensive way to move around. Prices are lower than in France and the pick-up fee is 2€ during the day. You will pay on average less than 10€ for courses in the city center.

To take it, you only have to go to a taxi terminal or you can directly stop it in the street (green light on the roof and a « lliure » sign inside means the taxi is free).

Finally, here is the number if you forget something in the taxi : +34 902 101 564

Cable cars 

The cable railway and the funicular of Barcelona are two options to go to Montjuïc. There are two types of cable railway : the cable railway of port and the cable railway of Montjuïc.

The cable car of the port

This cable railway makes 3 stops: tour of the cable railway of the Port Vell, Torre Jaume I and Miramar / castle hotel of Montjuïc. The route lasts 10 minutes and its price is 11€ (one-way trip) and 17 euros (round trip).

Schedules of the cable car of the port

  • From January 1st to February 28th : 11h-17h30
  • From March 1st to June 2nd : 11h-19h
  • From September 9th to October 27th : 11h-19h
  • From October 28th to December 31st : 11h-17h30
  • From June 3rd to September 8th : 11h-20h
  • Closed on December 25th

The cable car of Montjuïc

This cable railway also makes 3 stops : park of Montjuïc, Miramar / castle of Montjuïc of Alcalde. The ride is shorter and its price is 12€ (round trip) for adults and 8€ for children.

Schedules of cable car of Montjuïc 

  • In January and February : 10h-18h
  • From March to May : 10h-19h
  • From June to September : 10h-21h
  • In October : 10h-19h
  • From November to December : 10h-18h

You still have doubts on transports or steps to follow for your intership in Barcelona ? Do not hesitate to contact Stud&Globe and our experts in recruitment of international trainees will guide you and will share their expertise. Consult our internship offers and our blog to benefit from many advices.

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