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Faire Un Stage à L'international Avec Stud&Globe

More and more training centers require their students to complete one or more periods of internship abroad during their academic studies, enabling you to consolidate your career plan. Many students take advantage of this opportunity to go abroad, and for several reasons:

Perfecting a foreign language

Indeed, what better way than to be totally immersed in a foreign country to develop and perfect your language skills? You will learn the day-to day and business subtleties of the language. This said, it is crucial that you have some elementary command of the language of the host country.

Personal and professional enrichment

An internship abroad will confront you with a new culture, both in your daily life (habits and customs) as well as within the host company (different working methods).

An internship abroad is also and above all the opportunity to develop a network of contacts in your host country, in your professional circle (placement tutor / colleagues) and outside (events / meetings) which will serve you well should you wish to integrate the country thereafter.

Once you graduate, you will be in a position to highlight your adaptability and your open-mindness to potential recruiters.

Added value on your CV 

In the current job market it is essential to stand out from other candidates whether it be in your search for an internship or employment. Recruiters are particularly interested in "international profiles" as this demonstrates a degree of autonomy, a taste for "challenges" and justifies a good level of language skills.

Do not hesitate, you can only benefit from an internship abroad!

Do you still have doubts as to the process? The internship that most suits you? The destination? Do not hesitate to contact Stud&Globe, our experts in recruiting will be able to guide you and share their expertise.

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