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Trouver Colocation En Espagne Grâce à Stud&Globe

Getting an accommodation in Spain for your internship, your holidays or for a longer stay is a real struggle as a foreigner. There are as many cities as many ways to find are not to find an accomodation. We give you the keys in this article to find yours.

The state of the real estate in Spain for student accomodation

First of all, know that the price of the rents in big cities tend to high as they soared during the last five years. So, the rent of an apartment furnished with a room starts at a beggining price of around 700€ in Barcelona or in Madrid. Consider minimum 400€ for a room in the citiy centre of big cities. Outside these large cities, the prices of rents in Spain remain very affordable and much lower than in France. Keep in mind that Stud&Globe has a service to find your student accomodation according to your criteria.

Why student housings are so pricey in large cities?

Because of the tourism and its international business attractiveness, the average population some of the big cities in spain has grown faster than the number of its accommodation. Many international firms open a branch in spain and a noticeable number of small business leave their country to go Spain where they find fiscal interests. Thanks to the growing number of tourist, the real estate development is also made of hotels and touristic attractions. Considering all of this and the fact that the country can't immeditely meet the need for accomodations, prices rise and long term accommodations are sometimes difficult to find. The AirBnb factor has also fueled this trend. As an easy self-money-making business, people started to buy apartments or turn their apartment into touristic accommodations. Thus, the supply of accommodations for locals or mid or long stay period decreased.

Should you consider searching a student accomodation outside large cities ?

Living in the suburbs of a great city is one way of finding more accommodations at a lower price. Unfortunately, people have already started to live outside big cities for these reason. It means that the opportunity is now less attractive than 2 or 3 years before. The accommodations price and supply are have rised also but this option remain interesting. One example in Barcelona : Badalona is the best option in the suburbs of Barcelona. This small city offers a similar lifestyle as Barcelona with a good transportation to reach Barcelona. It’s calmer but it still has many shops and activities. You’ll be glad to find a place on a clean and large beach, contrary to Barcelona. This is a real alternative to consider if you plan to spend holidays or work in Barcelona. You can find look alike suburds in your destination all over Spain, then consider living outside a big city.

Student accomodation : rent an apartment in spain

Besides looking for sharing an apartment or living in a host family, you can choose to rent an apartment. Know however that the rent will necessarily be more expensive. To help you find your accommodation, we established a list of the best real estate Spanish sites but we also have an article dedicated to finding a student accomodation in Barcelona. Here are some of the Spanish real estate website the could be useful for your research :

Finding a flat to share in Spain is easier and cheaper to get a student accomodation

Sharing a flat during your internship is one of the best way to find accommodation when you are student and even more you are doing an internship. It's not only financially interesting, there are many other benefits. Sharing a flat is the opportunity to get into the city’s mood faster, to meet people easily and have some people to share with. It’s also the perfect idea if you plan to empower your Spanish level.

We advise you to go to your destination one week before the beginning of your internship. Indeed, finding a room I a shared flat is easier when you are in the city and it usually takes between 7 and 10 days. While looking for your accommodation, you can find some cost-worthy hostels to stay and enjoy the city before working.

The best way to find your room is by asking people of your networks, so don’t hesitate to let people know that you’re looking for a room or speaking with people about it.

Facebook groups to help your find a student accomodation

According to the cities of Spain, you can easily ask for the membership groups Facebook. Often Deprived, these communities are going to allow you to put down your announcement and see the others. Moreover, we invite you to join your country’s community group in the country or in Barcelona to be aware of all the announcement (accommodation, questions, activities). You can have a look at Erasmus groups in Spain or the ones of your destination (Barcelona, Madrid, Valence...) that might have been through the same situation or still looking for a flat to share. Finally, there are facebook groups focused on the research of accommodations that you can join to get information or find your accommodation!

Finding a shared apartment as a student commodation with real estate websites

Some real estate websites are specialized at providing accommodation for students. We give you some of these sites to help you find your accommodation :

  • Roomlala : a reference to find a room in a shared flat
  • Easy Piso :A website that allow people to write an announcement or find room offers
  • Convivey Estudia : a website that propose student housing opportunities in student residences

An other student housing option : living in a host family

Your student housing can be living in a host family. This is the last solution you have but it doesn’t mean that’s a poor solution. Living in a host family can be a great experience if you have a nice one. You can understand the local way of life, empower your Spanish skills and even get better living conditions than if you were alone in your 1 room apartment. You can also have some meals included in your accommodation, which is a real relief for student. If you are looking for a host family, follow the same advices we told you for finding a shared flat !

If you are still looking for an internship in Spain, we ha a lot of internship offers in Spain. Just sign up to our website and let us give you the best opportunity according to your profile and you demand.

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