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This year, 2021-2022, Erasmus + mobilities are resuming but the questions of our Erasmus + project leader partners remain about the health situation which is still unstable.

In order to guarantee you a worry-free stay and in addition to our special COVID - 19 group cancellation policy, we have set up a collaboration with an insurance company that will cover each participant individually.


What the insurance covers:

➔ Cancellation in case of contraction of Covid-19 before departure

➔ Cancellation in case of medical quarantine (positive test) before departure

➔ Cancellation if you are denied boarding as a result of a thermal (or other health) inspection by the authorities or the carrier)

➔ Medical expenses (including PCR tests) in case of contraction of Covid-19 at destination and the

Medical repatriation recommended by the assistance platform,

➔ Impossible return in case of lack of transport to destination due to a containment declared by the local authorities,

➔ Extension of stay in case of quarantine in the country of destination

Medical expenses in case of illness on site

➔ Medical expenses in Spain up to €1000

➔ Medical expenses in Europe up to €50,000

➔ Medical expenses in the rest of the world up to €100,000

➔ Dentistry costs up to €250 / Shipping of medicines included


➔ Repatriation for illness or accident during the trip

➔ Repatriation included for death

➔ Repatriation for persons accompanying the insured

Early return

➔ Early return for death of a member of the insured's family included

➔ Early return for hospitalisation of a member of the insured's family included

➔ Early return due to serious loss to the insured's home or premises included

Additional fees

➔ Extension of stay for accident or illness up to 80€ and 10 days maximum

➔ Travel of the insured's companion (expenses included)

➔ Accompanying person's accommodation costs up to 80€ / day - 10 days max

➔ Transmission of urgent messages included

➔ Advance of costs up to €8000

Impact during travel

➔ Pre-trip incident that included unplanned expenses - included

➔ Pérdida de conexiones aéreas up to €500

➔ Missed transport (connection) up to €500

➔ Delay on return up to €500


➔ Compensation for loss, theft or damage up to €1500

➔ Worldwide baggage tracing and shipping included

➔ Fee for lost or stolen passport, DNI or residence card included

Civil liability

➔ Private civil liability €60,000

➔ Advance on legal costs included


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