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Stud&Globe, with NIF B66606252, domiciled at Street Sardenya 421 bis 08025 Barcelona, Spain; provides online coaching and support services (through to students in their search for international internships and summer jobs, as well as in administrative procedures.

These General Terms of Service aim to define the types of service offered by Stud&Globe, hereinafter the 'Services', and the User's responsibility in the use of such services.

The access to and/or use of the Stud&Globe website implies the unconditional acceptance of and compliance with all of the items of the present Terms and Conditions. They therefore constitute a contract between Stud&Globe and the User.

In the event that the User does not wish to accept all or part of the present Terms and Conditions, he or she shall be requested to refrain from using the Service. 


The scope of services that the present Terms and Conditions apply to includes the following: 

  • Reception of the internship offers in the selected sectors
  • Reception of summer jobs offers in the selected sectors
  • Unlimited consultation of all internship offers
  • Communication with our consultants and partner companies
  • Web access to premium information concerning the internships
  • Access to exclusive professional advice
  • Support in the preparation of the CV and cover letter
  • The putting in contact of students with companies regarding internships (coaching, advice, etc.)
  • Mediation in administrative procedures (internship agreements, processing of VISAs, resident ID, etc.)
  • Accompaniment to the place of the internship (depending on the destination)
  • Suggestions regarding cultural and sport activities (depending on the destination)
  • Support in the search for accommodation (depending on the destination)


The candidate undertakes to:

  1. Have sufficient financial resources to cover the expenses derived from the Stud&Globe management service, as well as other internship costs such as: transportation, accommodation, food, etc.
  2. Assure the provision of the documentation required for the fulfilment of the internship and administrative procedures at a given time.

The main documents are:

  • Internship agreement signed and stamped by the training centre.
  • Liability coverage valid in the country of the internship and covering the entire period.
  • Accident and Sickness insurance.
  • Visa (depending on the destination).
  • All the documentation required by the law or regulations in force in the country of the internship.
  1. Send a written confirmation (via email) expressing the will to apply for an offer, implicitly respecting the initial conditions that are offered.
  2. Validate the objectives of the internship with the training centre before confirming an application for an internship offer.
  3. Pay the Stud&Globe service fees within 4 working days of receiving the invoice and the signed certification sent by the host company confirming the internship application has been accepted.
  4. Decline sending the candidature to the host company directly without passing through Stud&Globe once the identity of such company has been disclosed. Otherwise, Stud&Globe shall be entitled to inform the training centre and/or the host company, and to cancel the internship.


Stud&Globe agrees to:

  1. Inform the candidate about all the information concerning the host company (its name, website, address and other useful information) and the internship offer (objectives and conditions) before the application is processed. Submit the candidature application to the partner company, once the profile has passed the evaluation by the intermediary and after agreeing with the candidate.
  2. Act as the intermediary between the candidate, the company and the training centre during and after the internship period (making contact, intermediation, organisation of meetings, advice, undertaking of administrative procedures, etc.).
  3. Inform the candidate about the acceptance of the internship within a maximum of 24h of receiving confirmation from the partner company.
  4. Send an email containing a document signed and sealed by the partner company expressing that the candidature has been accepted. This email will also enclose an invoice for the services rendered by Stud&Globe, and will allow the candidate to pay the management costs and to reserve the internship vacancy. Once this step has been completed, Stud&Globe will proceed to manage the necessary documentation contained in article 2.2
  5. Take responsibility as the intermediation service provider, facilitating communications between the candidate and the company that offers the internship vacancy. However, Stud&Globe shall not be held responsible for any activity carried out by the management and staff from the host company that the candidate is undergoing internship at.
  6. Inform the subscribed candidates about any changes in the prices and fees once they have registered online and have validated the service General Terms and Conditions. Any changes in the prices and the induced services shall be notified to the student via an email containing all the information in that regard. To accept these changes, the student will be required to sign a new contract, which will be sent in due time. Should the student disagree with the modifications, he/she shall no longer be considered eligible for the internships programme, and Stud&Globe shall cancel his/her candidature.
  7. Stud&Globe refrains from assuming any complementary costs (e. transport, insurance costs, etc.) that the candidate may generate before, during or after the period of internship.
  8. The price of the Stud&Globe services depends on the duration of the internship.


The price of the Stud&Globe services depends on the duration of the internship. Accepting the current conditions also implies accepting the prices, and declaring that the candidate has the sufficient financial capability to pay for the fees.

Internship fees


  • Unpaid internshipsInternship from 1 to 3 months: 200 euros
    Internship from 3 to 6 months: 300 euros
    Internship from 7 to 12 months: 400 euros
  • Paid internshipsInternship from 1 to 3 months: 395 euros
    Internship from 3 to 6 months: 495 euros
    Internship from 7 to 12 months: 595 euros
  • Paid internship with accommodation and mealsInternship from 1 to 3 months: 450 euros
    Internship from 3 to 6 months: 550 euros
    Internship from 7 to 12 months: 650 euros

These prices include all the applicable taxes and/or charges.


The candidate shall have to pay for the services rendered by Stud&Globe within 4 working days of receipt of the email containing: the certificate expressing the acceptance of the internship and the invoice issued by Stud&Globe. Payment of the service shall confirm the definitive reservation of the internship vacancy. The payment can be made by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card through the website. Any additional costs incurred, such as bank commissions, will be assumed by the candidate.


  1. If, for whatever reason, any candidate wishes to cancel the internship after receiving the acceptance by the partner company, he/she will be liable to refund Stud&Globe an amount corresponding to 20% of the management[1] costs that have been incurred. An invoice corresponding to the cancellation costs will be issued and the candidate will be requested to pay within 4 working days of its receipt.
  2. Any candidate who cancels the internship before its commencement and who has already paid for the full Stud&Globe management services shall not be eligible for refund, provided it is a case of force majeure and only upon submitting valid justification. In all cases, the amount to be refunded shall not exceed 50% of the total management costs. Each case will be studied individually.
  3. If the partner company cancels the internship for whatever reason, Stud&Globe commits, insofar it is possible, to replace the candidate in another structure. Otherwise, Stud&Globe shall refund an amount corresponding to 50% of the management costs. Stud&Globe shall not refund any complementary costs such as transport, insurance and the like.
  4. In the event that the candidate is dismissed by the partner company during the internship period, Stud&Globe shall not be held liable for any compensation or refund.
  5. In the event that the candidate resigns during the internship period, Stud&Globe shall not be held liable for any compensation or refund.
  6. Stud&Globe shall be excluded from any liability in the event of failure to produce the full required documentation for an internship. The candidate shall be held solely responsible and shall not be eligible for refund if failure to provide any of the documents leads to the cancellation of the internship (refer to Article 2.1).
  7. Any application for refund must be sent to Stud&Globe by registered letter with advice of receipt in French, Spanish or English. Each case will be examined individually and, if the refund is accepted, it will be made within a period of 60 working days.

[1] Economic compensation corresponding to the management of the recruitment process


By accepting these terms and conditions, the candidate authorises Stud&Globe to:

  • Share the user email address and CV with the partner companies and to receive information from them.
  • Include the candidate data in an automated file owned by Stud&Globe.
  • Inform by phone or email about new internship vacancy offers that may match the candidate’s profile, and to monitor each recruitment process.
  • Use the candidate’s name, photos and videos containing his/her image, as well as any declaration or comment related to the participation in the internship programme; with the purpose of including them in the publications or in the promotional material issued by Stud&Globe (Facebook, website, etc).

Out of respect for the privacy of the Users, Stud&Globe agrees that the collection and processing of personal information within this site are in accordance with Act 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 on data processing, data files and individual liberties (a.k.a. Loi informatique et libertés).

Conforming to Article 34 of the Loi informatique et libertés, Stud & Globe guarantees the User the right to oppose access and rectify any personal data that may concern him/her. The User can exercise this right by sending an email to:

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